Cheap Ammo - Do you get what you pay for

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Cheap Ammo - Do you get what you pay for

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Everyone is always looking for a deal in ammo, right, well I might have learned last night that you get what you pay for.

Was target shooting last night at my club and it was not going well, shooting M&P 9mm, 6 meters and 8 meters, but most every shot was low, at first I was thinking it's just not a good night, but then no matter how hard I tried to correct, I was low. So 50 rounds of Winchester USA Forged Steel case 115 grain later, a disappointed man, what's going on, is it me, is something wrong with the gun, I decided to try a fire some more down the range, the next box which is what I usually shoot Federal American Eagle 124 grian, Well , I was not low any longer, now being a new shooting, my groups are not all that tight, but on target.

So was it the ammo, I'm thinking yes, next time out I have another box of the Winchester so I can try it again.
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